We have put together a collection of FREE useful programs to help you view, edit, resize, and reformat any digitized file. Now you can stop depending on digitizers to do simple jobs, but as always, remember our edits are free of charge.

Free Editing Software Download:

Coats EDV is a great companion to our service if you like to have more control over the designs we provide you. We can send your embroidery files in .mls format , which is the native format of Wings XP. Click here to download.

• Resize: Accurately resize your design without losing or gaining density, the software automatically recalculates the stitches, which means the design will sew-out as intended, without clutter or see-through open stitches.

• Edit: Make changes to the color sequence. You can also add or remove stitches.

• Add or Delete: You have the ability to add or delete almost any function for your machine such as Thread Trim, Stop, Needle Up, etc..

• Print: Many options are available for printing out worksheets 100% in size, saving you time and money. Enter the actual color numbers you will be sewing, and insert notes and comments to facilitate the production process.

• Organize: Take control of your entire design in a single application by previewing images of the designs with all the stitching information. You can also organize and perform searches of your design collection.